Transport luggage easily with the folding RuXXAC® Cross handcart

Take the folding handcart anywhere: The high load capacity of 100 kg with a low net weight makes it the perfect companion for travelling. The transport cart is foldable and can be stowed away easily. If required, open up the cart in seconds and simply place your cargo on the open non-slip scoop. This enables even heavy goods to be transported effortlessly. When not in use, a single movement is sufficient to fold up the wheels and scoop and to push down the handlebar and grip. This means that there is room for the transport cart even in the smallest of places.
The RuXXAC® Cross folding handcart has extra-wide wheels with double ball bearings and puncture-proof polymer tyres. This makes the transport cart perfectly manoeuvrable, even on uneven, soft and sandy surfaces.

Folding transport carts will quickly become an indispensable companion for field work, trade fairs and all types of travel. See for yourself – order luggage carts from our shop.

Loading capacity
75 kg
Transport cart type
Folding carts
Load plate
480x410 mm
Wheel diameter
185 mm
Height of truck
1110 mm
Width of truck
615 mm
Wheel type
Extra wide
Weight of truck
7 kg

RuXXac® Cross folding handcart

Space-saving transport cart for safe use on all grounds

  • Easy to move - also on uneven or soft grounds
  • Steel parts chromed
  • Platform made of aluminium

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