A folding handcart as a space-saving transport solution

One movement is all that is needed to put this transport cart at your disposal. The scoop and wheels are swung out simultaneously when unfolding. After opening the cart, place your cargo on the open non-slip scoop of the folding cart. Use tension belts to fix your goods on the transport scoop. 
As the cart is foldable, it can be quickly stowed away when not in use. When folded, the handcart is only 55 mm thick and easy to stow. This makes it ideal for use at trade fairs, when you need to transport a lot, but have little storage space available. The folding handcart can be easily steered on its wheels mounted on roller bearings. The wheels are equipped with a polymer bandage, offering you high ride comfort even on uneven surfaces.

A folding handcart is a space-saving and flexible means of transport. Order this useful transport cart from our shop.

Loading capacity
125 kg
Transport cart type
Folding carts
Load plate
490x250 mm
Wheel diameter
180 mm
Height of truck
1030 mm
Width of truck
490 mm
Wheel type
Solid rubber
Weight of truck
6 kg

Folding Hand Cart RuXXac® Busines

Quickly foldable manual hand truck - suitable for use on uneven surfaces

  • Load capacity 125 kg
  • Platform size 490x250 mm
  • Unique load-securing system fixes load perfectly on the cart

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