Ameise® accordion style roller conveyor with twin rollers and max. 180 kg conveyor load

This roller conveyor provides you with an internal transport solution for heavy piece goods. The conveyor line is ideal for tight corners since the independently mounted twin rollers ensure that the transport goods are held securely on the conveyor.
The roller conveyor is equipped with 4 steering castors, which in turn feature wheel stops for security and safety. The conveyors can be adjusted in height between 615 and 940 mm to suit your individual requirements. If the conveyor line is set to a slight incline, the goods travel automatically across the 9 nickel-plated twin rollers. The width of the roller conveyor is 500 mm.

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Adjustable height
615 - 940 mm
Conveyor length
0.54 - 1.31 m
Conveying weight max.
180 kg
Conveyor width
500 mm
Axle distance
60 - 135 mm
Small support castor diameter
57 mm
Small support castor material

Ameise conveyor table, twin rollers, load capacity 180 kg

Ideal for corners thanks to independently mounted twin rollers

  • Ideal for tight corners
  • Movable thanks to 4 steering castors with wheel stops
  • Tie-bars for connecting multiple conveyors

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