The easy way to transport your drums

Thanks to its intelligent operating concept, this drum lifter allows you to transport drums quickly and easily. The latching mechanism automatically engages with the upper rim of the drum for maximum security during transport.
The tiller allows you to raise the drums to a maximum height of 200 mm. The tiller is also used for precise, comfortable steering. The net weight of this transport device is just 42 kg, yet it offers a maximum capacity of 250 kg.

Benefit from a quick and convenient transport solution for 200 litre beaded drums by ordering the drum lifter with tiller from our shop.

250 kg
Total width
800 mm
Number of wheels
785 mm

Drum lifter with tiller, capacity 250 kg

For 200 litre beaded steel drums

  • Drum lifter with foot pedal
  • Drum lifter with pedal for effortless lifting
  • Gentle automatic latching mechanism for drum pick-up


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