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Hand Trucks and Transport Carts for Streamlined Transportation

72_gro%C3%9F-3359-1.jpgHand trucks and transport carts fulfil a crucial role in any warehouse, factory, or storage depot, providing lightweight and agile transportation for a huge range of goods and equipment. Featuring ergonomic handles and robust design, the hand carts available on the Jungheinrich PROFISHOP website are built for easy operation and comfortable transport. Smooth rolling wheels in a variety of configurations ensure compatibility with any surface type, and our high-quality trucks are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. When paired with pallet trucks and hand trolleys, hand trucks enhance your manual handling fleet and improve workflow efficiency across a range of applications.

We stock hand carts and trucks at a variety of price points and in a range of different sizes to ensure compatibility with your specific working environment. Additionally, the following features are found as standard in all of our trucks:

  • Rugged manufacturing for long service life
  • Bow-shaped safety handles and ergonomic design
  • Range of wheel designs and materials for any environment
  • Three-arm wheel centre options for step up transportation

Welded Hand Trucks for Warehouses and Cargo Bays

Welded hand trucks are designed for the heaviest loads, with durable steel or aluminium frames ensuring high capacity transport of a variety of goods or equipment. Ideal for use on factory floors and in cargo bays, these high-quality hand carts are suitable for everyday use in even the busiest environments. Featuring exceptional manoeuvrability in small spaces, the range of welded hand trucks on our website offers superb agility through premium wheels and axle construction. Additionally, the welded hand trucks on the Jungheinrich PROFISHOP website also feature:

  • Corrosion resistant, powder-coated frames
  • Puncture-proof tyre options
  • Non-slip handle materials
  • Practical skids for easy entry underneath goods

Folding Carts for Mobile Use

Folding carts are ideal for use as portable transport options in vans and trucks, quickly and easily folding away when not in use. Built to exceptional standards to enable the transportation of heavy loads, durable frames and high-quality folding mechanisms provide plenty of stability while on the move. Additionally, each of the foldable carts on the Jungheinrich PROFISHOP website include the following:

  • Goods fastening options for secure transportation
  • Quick assembly and disassembly for increased efficiency
  • Easy steering and fantastic manoeuvrability
  • Tyres suitable for a variety of surfaces

For more information on our range of hand trucks and folding carts, browse the website and select the equipment required for your specific application. Alternatively, contact a member of our team who will be happy to discuss your requirements and guide you through our entire catalogue.