They are made from galvanized sheet steel and every shelf can have from 2 to 4 containers depending on the size.
They are modular and can be stacked on the top of other boxes with the same depth or smaller thanks to two tabs on the upper part.
They have to be fixed to the wall with 2 screws Ø 8 mm.
In the lower part a base plinth can be added to create isolation from the floor.
They have specific slots to insert guides that allow the sliding of the container.
Supplied with Multibox containers.
Guides and safety guards are included.

400 mm
545 mm
500 mm
Grey RAL7000

Drawer cabinets, 8 drawers

Made from galvanized sheet steel

  • Robust frame with pull-out containers
  • Modular and can be stacked on the top of other
  • With Multibox containers

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