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Longitudinal dividers

  • For use with Multibox containers
  • Made from galvanized sheet steel
  • Divide containers in 2 compartments
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Durable Euro Stacking Containers and Crates for Any Application

stageteaser-selling-aluminium-transport-box-108944-1170-190527-23770-0.jpgEuro stacking containers, crates and other containers provide practical, secure, and hygienic storage solutions suitable for any environment. Available in a variety of designs and modular configurations, the collection of high-quality stacking crates on the Jungheinrich PROFISHOP website can be used for storage of a huge range of goods, components, tools and perishable items, with additional accessories available to ensure compatibility across any application. Whether you require partition bins for the storage of small parts or food-safe plastic stacking crates for use in hygienic environments, you will find everything you require on our website.

The following features come as standard across all of our stacking storage bins and crate solutions:

  • Premium materials and durable design
  • Open or closed wall design options
  • Smooth stacking and space saving storage options
  • Range of accessories for customisation

Plastic Stacking Crates and Euro Stacking Containers

Plastic stacking crates and euro containers provide maximum volume for the storage of all types of goods, with simple stacking and storage on industrial racks and shelving. Available in either open or closed wall configurations depending on your particular application, they are among the most versatile storage solutions available. Easy stacking provides valuable space-saving functionality when not in use, while the addition of ergonomic handles integrated into the body of these plastic stacking crates ensures comfortable transportation. Ideal for use in busy factories and warehouses, but also for use in hygienic environments, our range of plastic stacking crates brings practical functionality to any application. Additionally, the plastic stacking crates and euro stacking containers on the Jungheinrich PROFISHOP website include:

  • A range of dimensions and capacities for any application
  • Heat and cold resistant materials
  • Food-safe and chemical resistant options available
  • Optional covers available as necessary

Metal Stacking Crates and Stacking Storage Bins

Metal stacking crates, storage bins and other containers provide rugged durability in even the most challenging environments. Manufactured to rigorous standards using lightweight materials such as aluminium, they provide a practical solution to the storage of tools and small parts, and when paired with our workshop storage solutions, they help to create a safe and organized working environment. Available in a range of designs for a variety of applications, metal storage solutions are ideal for use in environments where plastic containers are unsuitable.

Browse the Jungheinrich PROFISHOP website for more information on our range of plastic stacking crates and metal storage options and discover premium storage solutions for any environment. Alternatively, contact a member of our team who will be happy to discuss your requirements.