Sweeper types

Sweeper types

Sweepers enable effective cleaning of indoor and outdoor areas. Different sweeper types are designed for different applications and range from manual to ride-on models.

General information on sweepers

Sweepers are machines used to clean surfaces in indoor and outdoor areas. Unlike snow blowers or shovels, sweepers can be used throughout the year, and not just in winter. They are frequently used to remove large amounts of dirt and debris – such as leaves in autumn, snow in winter or dirt particles in spring and summer. Warehouse and workshop areas can be cleaned very quickly and effectively with sweepers, as can footpaths, yard entrances and other paved surfaces. The modern machines can handle both dry and wet dirt and are very easy to manoeuvre. Compared to manual cleaning, sweepers save a great deal of time and minimise the amount of work and effort involved.

Sweeper types

Sweepers are available in different varieties, each designed for different applications and requirements. Customers can choose between affordable, compact models, which are suitable for cleaning smaller areas, and large sweepers with powerful motors, which are ideal for frequent use and bigger areas. Based on their design and operation, we distinguish between:

  • Manual sweepers
  • Pedestrian sweepers
  • Ride-on sweepers

With their compact design, manual sweepers are very handy and easy to manoeuvre. They are operated by hand and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Compared to pedestrian or ride-on sweepers, the manual models are better suited to smaller areas or occasional use. Their strengths come into play in confined spaces, however.

Manual sweepers are usually battery-powered and can be used almost anywhere due to their cordless design. Models are available with both single roller technology or with a tandem roller system. Many manual sweepers are also staircase-compatible. Depending on the model and design, the swept material is either ejected to the side or conveyed into a dirt container.

Pedestrian sweepers are larger than manual models and are powered either electrically, with petrol or via batteries. They can be used for small to medium-sized areas and are available in different sweeping widths, drive speeds and weight classes. When combined with optional accessories, the pedestrian machines can also be used to clean carpets and can be operated at variable speeds.

Ride-on sweepers are ideal for effective cleaning of larger areas and impress with their comfort, convenience and usability. In this case, the operator sits on the sweeper and steers it across the surfaces to be cleaned. Equipped with a powerful motor, ride-on sweepers can even handle inclines, while carpets can also be cleaned in combination with optional accessories. Depending on the model, the sweepers can be adjusted to the operator's size via an adjustable steering column. They are available with electric motors or petrol engines.

As well as being able to collect coarse dirt, all-weather sweepers can also be used for snow clearing purposes. They are equipped with a snow blade, which can be removed when not required. Winter tyres ensure safe and comfortable use in freezing temperatures.

Last but not least, forklift truck sweepers are also part of the diverse range of sweepers available on today's market. These models can be attached to a forklift truck and controlled via this vehicle.