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High-Quality Portable Ramps and Trailer Stands

160617_transport_verladeschinen_1170-16587-0.jpgFor the safe and efficient loading and unloading of goods, portable ramps and trailer stands are an integral part of your manual handling fleet and a practical addition to your existing workplace equipment. Providing versatility in applications where mobility and portability are crucial, loading ramps and stands ensure flexibility for your staff whenever your warehouse, factory, or storage depot does not provide convenient loading/unloading facilities. Additionally, lightweight materials and fold-down capabilities enhance portability when transporting goods to offsite locations that may not have convenient loading/unloading facilities.

Manufactured to the highest standards for either regular or occasional use, the range of portable ramps and trailer stands at Jungheinrich PROFISHOP ensure ultimate stability and safety, reducing the potential for tipping or rolling away on inclined surfaces. Additionally, heavy load capacities are catered for through the use of high-quality materials that are able to withstand everyday use in even the busiest of environments.

Portable Ramps

Mobile loading ramps facilitate the loading and unloading of goods for vans and other vehicles with easy transportation allowing efficient goods handling in any location. Lightweight aluminium loading ramps are the ideal addition to any manual handling fleet, helping to reduce strain on staff and improve efficiency. Manufactured to the highest standards, the range of portable ramps at Jungheinrich PROFISHOP also includes:

  • Non-slip surfaces for use in wet weather or damp conditions
  • Choice of incline for versatility across a broad range of applications
  • Easily folded away for storage or transport
  • Durable and hard wearing for long operational life

Trailer Stands

Trailer stands allow the safe loading and unloading of semitrailers, increasing efficiency through better goods handling facilities. Choosing the correct trailer stand is crucial when considering safety, and Jungheinrich PROFISHOP guarantees stability and mobility in a range of environments. Durable materials and superb build quality provide optimal ergonomics in the workplace, while non-slip surfaces further assure safety in damp or wet conditions. Additionally, you will find the following features as standard:

  • Rugged construction for increased stability and durability
  • Safety features including non-slip surfaces
  • Fork pockets for easy handling with forklifts
  • High mobility and easy storage

To learn more about the range of portable ramps and trailer stands available at Jungheinrich PROFISHOP, contact a member of our dedicated team who will be happy to discuss your requirements and advise you on the best equipment for your specific application. Alternatively, browse the website to find everything you need to build a safe and efficient manual handling fleet.