The EJC M10 E is a cost-effective entry into the Jungheinrich electric forklift segment. It supports you when transporting loads up to 1,000 kg and stacking pallets up to 1,900 mm in height. The Monomast also makes the EJC M10 E ideal for picking. The electric high-lift truck is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized companies with an occasional need for transport and storage tasks.

  • Different mast heights available
  • Monomast with optimized transparency
  • Very agile thanks to compact dimensions
  • Energy-efficient three-phase motor
  • Maintenance-free gel battery
  • Integrated charger for easy charging

The EJC M10 E has been specially developed for use in small and medium-sized companies with an occasional demand for goods transports. The 0.6 kW powerful engine supports you when transporting pallets and goods up to 1,000 kg over short distances. The electric high-lift truck is ideal for order picking or occasional palleting of pallets up to a height of 1,900 mm.

The ergonomically designed, handlebar handle on both sides is particularly user-friendly. They control all lifting and lowering functions comfortably from the multi-function drawbar head and can therefore concentrate entirely on stacking in or out. All important control instruments such as the battery indicator, operating hours counter, emergency stop switch and key are arranged centrally and are located directly in your field of view.

Due to its compact design and the small front length, the tiller truck shows maximum maneuverability and allows safe use even in confined spaces. Due to a low ground clearance of only 30 mm, the risk of injuries in the foot area is significantly reduced. The complete casing of the vehicle housing provides additional protection.
The low chassish height of the EJC M10 E also enables smaller operators to have an optimal view of the fork tips. The Monomast offers optimized visibility and makes the handling of the electric forklift easy and safe.

Thanks to the maintenance-free and powerful three-phase current technology, you reduce your operating costs and create the best conditions for a fast and cost-efficient handling of goods. The 0.6 kW driving motor allows a pleasant and fast acceleration with excellent driving behavior. For an economical energy management, the regenerative brake also provides an energy recovery when the driving speed is reduced.

The vehicle switches off automatically after 30 minutes without use. With this intelligent automatic switch-off, the battery is protected. The maintenance-free gel battery, together with the integrated charger, allows a flexible insert and can be easily charged to any 230 V socket. Annoying refilling of water is completely unnecessary.

Take advantage of the low-cost entry into the Jungheinrich electric forklift segment and buy the EJC M10 E at the desired lifting height

1000 kg
Fork length
1150 mm
Turning radius
1295 mm
Steering wheel diameter
230 mm
Aisle width
2059 mm
Steering wheel width
65 mm
Control panel
Fork width
172 mm
Lowering speed with/without cargo
0,15 / 0,12 m/s
Net weight incl. battery
620 kg
Overall length
1615 mm
1664 mm
Overall width
800 mm
Lift speed with / without load
0,12 / 0,22 m/s
Battery voltage / nominal capacity
24 / 85 V/Ah
Battery weight
49 kg
Fork height
55 mm
Operation mode
Fork roller material
Polyurethane (PU)
Steering wheel material
Polyurethane (PU)
Fork roller equipment
Load centre
600 mm
1900 mm
Lift range
85 - 1900 mm
Battery type
Lead gel battery
Tiller RAL colour
RAL 7016 anthracite grey
Lift motor output
2.2 kW
Fork roller diameter
80 mm
Fork roller width
70 mm
Tiller surface
Tiller Height
1190 mm
Chassis surface
Height of mast (lowered)
2295 mm
Extended mast height
2335 mm
Noise level as per EN 12053 (operator's ear)
66 dB(A)
Height of tiller in drive position min / max. h14
740 / 1190 mm
Length without forks l2
514 mm
Width across forks b5
316/ 484/ 545 mm
Max. ability to overcome climb with load / without load
4 / 10 %
Type of driving control system
AC SpeedControl
Ground clearance
30 mm
Automatic shut-off without insert
30 min
Spare wheel diameter
1000 mm
5 %
Traction engine, power S2 60 min.
Efficiency/drive & liftPLUS
Lifting motor kW, power at S3 7,5 %
2,2 kW
Mast type
Mono mast

Jungheinrich EJC M10E electric stacker truck - single mast, lift 1900 mm

Ideal for occasional use as part of your in-house goods transport

  • Lift height 1900 mm
  • Single stage mast with optimised view
  • Highly agile thanks to compact dimensions

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