Convenient working with the Ameise® scissor lift table with wheels and fixed handlebar

The powder-coated Ameise® scissor lift table with wheels is a high-quality product designed for everyday use. The mobile lift table is ideal for the transport and provisioning of goods at an ergonomic height, thus greatly reducing the strain on your back. You operate the high-quality hydraulic pump via a foot pedal, thereby raising the platform via the single scissor with utmost ease. The platform can be lowered gently and evenly using the fully variable lowering valve. The lowering handle on the chrome-plated handlebar is rubberised to ensure secure grip. 
The inspection support on the lift table with wheels provides safe access to the lifting mechanism during service and maintenance work. The frame and scissors are made from welded sectional steel, while the table itself is constructed from rounded steel plate. Equipped with two steering castors and two fixed castors, all made from polyurethane, the scissor lift table can be moved with ease and minimal noise. The wheel stop on the steering castors ensures stability and security in use, while the wheel guards on all castors protect your feet when moving the lift table.

The Ameise® scissor lift table with wheels and fixed handlebar is available with different lift heights and capacities. Order the scissor lift table with wheels from our shop today.

750 kg
Lift type
Portable lifting tables
Min lifting height
440 mm
Max lifting height
990 mm
Carrying surface
1000x510 mm
Handle height
990 mm
Scissor lift handle

Ameise scissor lift table with wheels, 750 kg

For order picking and transporting at an ergonomic height

  • With foot pedal for hydraulic raising of the load surface
  • Fully variable lowering via hand lever
  • Folding handlebar

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