A major tipping container for emptying heavier waste, 3mm plate and strengthened strategic places.
Lowered the front so that it is easy to put up the waste inside the Tipping container, longer handle for easier emptying manually prepared for the wheel set, prepared for safety chain, equipped with Intra automatic drain mechanism that means that the truck driver does not have to leave the fork truck when he empty the Tipping container, and minimizes accidents.

1030 L
Volume Cubic
1100 L
Capacity of Container
2500 kg
Length of containers
1860 mm
Width of containers
1215 mm
Height of containers
1045 mm
Weight of containers
188 kg
Type of containers
Tilting skips

Tilting Skip Tippo HD, 1100 L

For emptying heavier waste

  • 3 mm sheet steel
  • Automatic emptying
  • Safe and convenient use with forklift trucks


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