Low containers are suitable for use in workstations where the height plays a role.
They facilitate the handling of waste, sawdust, wood, splinters, etc.
Built-in fork locking for safe handling.
The low container has a low construction height and is thereby emptied over its axle using a strong hinge.
Equipped with a spring pressure plate on the base frame for automatic emptying.
Powder coated.

900 L
Capacity of Container
1500 kg
Length of containers
1645 mm
Width of containers
1565 mm
Height of containers
525 mm
Weight of containers
142 kg
Type of containers
Low tilting skips

Low tilting skip Tippo, volume 900 L

For use in workstations where the height matters

  • Reduced-height tipping container
  • Automatic emptying thanks to pressure mechanism
  • Sealed steel construction to accommodate solids and liquids


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