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Industrial Cleaning Equipment for Efficient Facility Management

20180703_Reinigungsgeraete_940x310-20794-0.jpgIndustrial warehouse sweepers and cleaning machines help ensure both indoor and outdoor areas are kept free of dust, dirt, and other substances that may pose a hazard in working environments. Available in a variety of configurations, from simple broom systems to robust wet & dry machines, the industrial cleaning equipment at Jungheinrich PROFISHOP covers a broad range of applications and complements your existing waste disposal equipment and industrial bins.

Whether your facility requires flexible systems that attach quickly and easily to forklift trucks, or more sophisticated manual drive systems for commercial and industrial use, you’ll find the right type of warehouse cleaning machines on our website. Manufactured for durability and reliability, you can also expect the following features from our industrial cleaning equipment:

  • Robust and suitable for a variety of surfaces including indoor and outdoor
  • Ergonomic operation and easy attachment to forklifts
  • Replaceable brushes and other components for durability
  • A range of sizes suitable for both large and small spaces

Forklift Warehouse Sweepers

Brooms for forklifts and wheel loaders provide convenient warehouse sweeping through your existing manual handling fleet. Easily attached via the fork entry pockets, forklift brooms are fully adjustable and suitable for a variety of dry debris. Non-slip protection features ensure a safe and secure fit on a variety of forks, while robust construction provides longevity even when used every day. Additionally, the forklift warehouse sweepers at Jungheinrich PROFISHOP also include:

  • High-quality materials and replaceable brushes
  • Adjustable widths for sweeping large spaces quickly and efficiently
  • Quick and easy attachment to forks

Wet & Dry Warehouse Cleaning Machines

Premium warehouse cleaning machines bring increased functionality and automation to your facility management services. Designed to deal with both wet and dry dirt, these manual sweeper systems are ideal for cleaning both indoor and outdoor areas. Including durable gear drives intended for commercial and industrial use, this type of warehouse floor cleaning machine is hardwearing enough to be used every day. Additionally, simple maintenance ensures that your warehouse cleaning machines are always ready to get to work. Manufactured to exacting standards, you will also find the following features in the range of wet & dry warehouse cleaning machines:

  • Height adjustable and ergonomic handles
  • Dust-free sweeping with flexible runner seals
  • Filtration systems for fine particles and dust
  • Easy storage and compact design

For more information on our industrial cleaning equipment, explore the Jungheinrich PROFISHOP range and discover the highest quality available online. Alternatively, for information on the rest of our manual handling equipment or for advice on the best equipment for your warehouse, Contact a member of the team who will be happy to discuss your requirements.