Structural design according to DIN EN 1570 standard
Structural design according to DIN EN 1570 standard

Scissor lifts come in handy when lifting heavy loads. Companies use them in their logistics units and they are subject to the safety provisions of the DIN EN 1570 standard.

General information about scissor lifts

Lifting tables ensure easy lifting of heavy items up to an ergonomic working height. A lifting table can be used as a working platform for installation or other work, and its height can be adjusted to specific requirements. It ensures comfort while performing various tasks and minimizes the risks to workers’ health. Lifting tables can be used for transferring components being processed where there is a need to bridge differences in height. Lifting tables also facilitate the loading and unloading of goods. The so-called loading and unloading tables ensure efficiency of operations. Unlike regular forklifts, the structural design of these lifting tables is very compact and takes up little space.

A scissor lift is the most widely used type of the lifting tables. It has a scissor-like lifting mechanism fitted with a work platform. The height of the lift scissors is usually adjusted using hydraulic systems which ensure flexible control of the lift height. The scissors of the so-called tandem scissor lift are arranged in tandem, one behind the other. Meanwhile the twin scissors of the double scissor lift are arranged vertically on top of each other, thus the table can be elevated to even higher levels.

Scissor lifting tables can be fixed or mobile.Scissor lift platform trucks are fitted with swivel casters and fixed casters for easy manoeuvrability and mobility.

Safety requirements for scissor lifts

Today, scissor lifts are widely used by companies to perform intralogistics operations. These include machinery lifts, lifts for mounting or installation operations, lifts for loading/unloading, and lifts for transporting goods. To ensure occupational safety, the lifting tables are subject to specific safety requirements laid down in the DIN EN-1570-1 standard. This standard is applicable where the lifting table does not pass fixed landings. Where the lifting tables serve more than two landings, they are in part subject to the EN 81 standard (regulations on lifts) or EN 1570-2 or EN 1570-3 standards.

The DIN EN 1570-1 standard has been adopted by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). Among other things, it specifies the following requirements for scissor lifts:

  • the so-called “dead man’s” switch (auto-locking device): each lifting table can be raised or lowered until the user holds down the switch;
  • emergency switch: each lifting table must have an emergency deactivation function;
  • each lift must be fitted with safety edges located under the working platform. In the event of obstruction, it ensures emergency stop of the lifting table if the proper distance between the lift and the worker’s legs is not maintained.

Non-slip covering: The scissor lifting table must have a non-slip surface in case workers have to stand on it. While moving a load, only one person is allowed to stand on a platform at a time to oversee the transportation of the load.

Purchasing scissor lifts that meet the DIN EN 1570 standard

Scissor lifts must comply with applicable safety requirements according to DIN EN 1570-1 standard to ensure the safety of the lift operators. For this reason, when purchasing a scissor lift, it is important to check whether the lift meets the requirements specified in the above standard.

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